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<3 / Jennifer Jones (Friend)
taytay, your mom has been doing so much in honor of you these past few months. The strength you have given her and everyone else is so amazing. You are missed more and more everyday. Keep smiling and flying high beautiful angel. I love and miss you so much Taylor! <3
taytay <3  / Heather Fitzgerald (friend)  Read >>
taytay <3  / Heather Fitzgerald (friend)
hey baby, i miss you so much you wouldnt even begin to believe. not a day goes by that i dont think about you. it doesnt get easier, let me just tell you that. im going out to lunch with your mama soon  so im pretty excited about that. miss and love you so much angel, keep giving your mom her amazing stregnth, and especially your cousins, i can tell they miss you tons + the rest of your family +friends. love and miss you so much. Close
thinking of you  / Liz Arico (friend of friend )  Read >>
thinking of you  / Liz Arico (friend of friend )


i didnt know you all too well, but i want you to know that i am thinking of you constantly. i cant get your image out of my mind. i know that your passing did not happen without a cause. you went to teach us all something. there are too many lessons to be learned and i think you made a huge point, tay. i have never been a partier, ive never taken a drink or anything like that, but your passing has influenced me to look out for my loved ones. i have learned to live my life to the fullest and know that life is precious and irriplaceable. eventhough you had this purpose, it saddens me, and sometimes angers me to know that your life had to end in order to try to fix other's stupid dicisions.

we were never aquainted, but i wear your bracelts on my wrists and never take them off. i look up at the beautiful pink sky and say hello to you. i carry you in my heart and know that you are watching down on us every second of everyday. its not fair, and everytime i think about your passing i want to cry, but then i think about your purpose to all of us and it comforts me to know that this whole thing wasnt a waste. you have affected so many lives tay, even the lives of people who never spoke to you. i just wanted to let you know that you have influenced my life and turned it around completley. thank you taylor

you are missed and always will be missed, you will never be forgotton. keep smiling angle, paint that blue sky pink

always thinking of you,

Liz Arico

tay :(  / Tayleigh Tetreault   Read >>
tay :(  / Tayleigh Tetreault

hi beautiful,

not a day goes by that i don't think about you. i wish i had done something that night. there are so many things i wish i would have done differently. i wasn't even drinking, i had a clear mind... why didn't i stop you from leaving by yourself? i thought i was doing the right thing by making sure you werent driving, i never thought that anything else would harm you. everyday i live with that, and i know you know how sorry i am. i know you forgive me, and i know you know how much i love you. i live my life for you now tay, i know your watching. everyday i look at my wrist and smile, remembering the good times. i remember when we were younger and inseperable. you were my little mini-me. the two tays <3 god i miss those days. i miss you so much taytay.

love you forever angel. keep shining & flying high.

Sorry Taylor  / Rebecca (friend of friend )  Read >>
Sorry Taylor  / Rebecca (friend of friend )
I didn't know you as a person but I had a few friends that did know you. From what I heard, you seemed like a pretty amazing girl. I'm sorry that you are gone and I'm sorry that we never got the chance to meet. I'll keep praying for you. RIP. Close
stay beautiful  / Courtney Fabiano (friend)  Read >>
stay beautiful  / Courtney Fabiano (friend)
Hey tay, I have been thinking about you alot lately. I got subway the other day and i remembered how last year i saw you and your mom at subway and how u got a buffalo chicken sub and the next day in study we talked about how we loved our subway haha. I miss you so much girly everyday i am reminded of you. I hope your family is doing well and my thoughts and prayers continue to stay with them Close
Hey Tay  / Ashly   Read >>
Hey Tay  / Ashly

Hey taylor; we only met once; At cory's house. And we were talking about your boots, & how your burned them. Court & lisa would talk about you all the time. So would Cory. I saw your mom the other day; we watched a movie. It 's sad to think about how this all happened. I wish i got to know your better.


RIP Taylor.

... / Kerri   Read >>
... / Kerri


I didnt know you - but I met your mom last night at Roberta's wake...When I walked into the funeral home the first thing I noticed was a picture of a beautiful blue-eyed blonde girl on the table , next to Roberta's (your Nana's) pictures...I thought - who is this girl??  As I made my way to pay my respects to Roberta's family it was only at that point that I realized that the picture was you and it was YOUR mom that I was paying my respects to ...I COULD NOT believe it...I remembered hearing about what happened to you and it brought me to my memory of my friend Kim ..who passed away three years ago at the age of 22 - in a tragic car accident...she was drinking and driving...made a bad choice.... and like your family and friends ...we will miss her FOREVER...why do these things happed to such beautiful ..young..vibrant people???  God has better plans for you...and trust me - the day we all meet again will be fabulous!!!

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers...it was an honor to have met them all last night....

Your friend...Kerri



The suck...  / Sarah (Cousin)  Read >>
The suck...  / Sarah (Cousin)
I sit here, as I put all your pictures in albums today and wonder when the suck stops. And I know, you know, exactly what I mean. I looked at them all, and as I did, I didn't think you weren't coming home, I looked at them and thought, I'll see you soon Tink. It's hard to think that you aren't coming home anymore. You aren't going to family functions anymore (and you know you hated them just as much as me, if not more!). It sucks. So Taylor Lee, when does the suck stop? Never, I know. I wasn't 1/4 as close to Larry as I was to you and I still think of him all the time, it still sucks... I will admit, it's gotten easier, but you're my blood, YOU SHOULD BE HERE!! I want the suck to stop. I want the hurt to stop. I want to be able to go to sleep at night and know that I am going to rest. I am selfish. I want you back. It's not fair. I can't get you back, none of us can, and that's all we want. We'd do anything. Anything, if it meant you'd be here with us again. I hate that you're not. I hate that NO ONE can do anything any more to prevent the BULLSHIT that's happened to us. I love you and I miss you. And I truly hope you are at peace. And I hope that what they say is true and you are having the time of your life up there. Until we meet again... I Love You more than you'd have ever understood...... But I know, deep down, you knew. Close
<3 / Cath (teammate)  Read >>
<3 / Cath (teammate)

i only knew taylor when i was younger, playing at the PAL but noone could ever forget her great personalitly. she was beautiful and its a complete tradegy what happened, her mom said to my dad at taylors wake, that it was her goal, to make tays death an example, she said she was going on a crusade, and i believe she has already started.

courtney keep your head up, your beautiful, cathi your the strongest person ive ever met, and im sorry that i had to meet you at your beautiful daughters wake

Tay Tay  / Jennifer Jones (friend)  Read >>
Tay Tay  / Jennifer Jones (friend)

I wouold just like to tell Taylors family how sorry i am for there lost. I played softball with taylor for a few years and against her for a long time growing up since i am from wrentham. She was an amazing softball player, friend, and person all around.  She is truely missed by us all.

Offering of condolence from a stranger.  / Kc Churchill (no relation )  Read >>
Offering of condolence from a stranger.  / Kc Churchill (no relation )

I shall start off by offering sincere condolences to the family and friends of Taylor Meyer, I also should mention, I never met, or knew her.

While watching the news, seeing her friends, flipping off the camera man at the courthouse, it just blew me away, the sheer arrogance and complete lack of moral compass.

Watching this quite literally sickened me.

Yes, we all were teenagers once, but to weep for her and trample on her memory at the same time by repeating the same wreckless behavior, with no regard for a life lossed, with the knowledge her family is reliving the pain over and over.

It must be sheer agony for them to have to relive the tragic events that led to her demise over and over again, and then so soon after her death see these same kids doing the same thing .

Surely, these kids are not monsters, and i'm not implicating them as such. But it continues to baffle me after just losing one of their own, Where are their hearts?

What did they learn?



i never knew taylor  / Breeanna   Read >>
i never knew taylor  / Breeanna
i never knew taylor but the things ive heard about her are wonderful i have friends who were so close to her and i hear everyday how special she was she seemed like an amazing girl..it must be hard to lose someone at such a young age..my heart goes out to her family ..i wear her memorial bracelet everyday ..i will never forget her and i know her friends wont either. rest in sweet peace taylor Close
AMEN SARAH!  / Meghan (Sister from another Mother )  Read >>
AMEN SARAH!  / Meghan (Sister from another Mother )
AMEN & Thank you Sarah! Someone had to say something to all of Taylors "friends" who have not learned a thing from her death. It kills us all to have to hear about all of these parties and under aged kids getting arrested every weekend. The last group of kids really hit home because of the fact that they were Taylors Friends who were there the night she died. I Just really wish that they would take something so tragic and like Kathi Pleaded...Learn something. A Beautiful, Young Life was Taken, Lets not Make it For no reason...I Wear My Bracelet with Taylor's Name on It PROUDLY Every day. I Look at it and Tear up as it is a constant Reminder of a beautiful blonde hair, blue eyed, athletic, funny, caring girl whose life was ended FARR TO EARLY...i dont see how anyone can look at that bracelet and think anything different than what i am looking at when i see it on my wrist. I Just hope they all understand that the choices they are making DO HAVE CONSIQUENCES And if Taylors Death didnt Prove that to Them im afraid of what its going to take For them to realize it! Close
hi / Joyce Alexander (hear about her on the news and my bestfriend is from nofork )  Read >>
hi / Joyce Alexander (hear about her on the news and my bestfriend is from nofork )
im so sorry for your lost. i know she will always be in  every1s   hearts Close
hello / Michelle   Read >>
hello / Michelle
I didn't know Taylor or any of her friends or family but i grew up in norfolk my whole life living right across from the airport and never have i seen something so tragic.  I cant put into words how horrible i feel for her family. I'm terriably sorry for your loss and i'm very agitated to know that from reading the papers that there was another party and to think that after something so bad that has happed to such a wonderful young woman from what i've read you would think they would have learned from their Mistakes. I'm sending my condolences to your family. Close
To all of Taylor's friends...  / Sarah Grant Toti (Cousin)  Read >>
To all of Taylor's friends...  / Sarah Grant Toti (Cousin)

Last night I heard there was another party on Friday. THIRTEEN of you that were at that party were there the night my cousin died. I understand you all have that "it won't happen to me" syndrome but WAKE UP!! It wasn't supposed to happen to Taylor! Kathi, Cliff, Zack, Logan and the rest of my family never thought something like this would happen to us. But guess what? It did. And no, we can't change it, we can't change that night. We can't make Taylor stay home, we can't make Paige not leave her there, we can't make her not try to walk out by herself, we can't be with her when she needed us and we can't bring her back!! So you were in a house at a party, does that make it better?? How were you all going to get home? I presume you were going to drive... BRILLIANT!!

 Clearly none of you saw what I saw at the wake... Clearly none of you heard what I heard when Kathi read her eulogy... Clearly none of you learned a thing from my cousins death... How can you all continue to just live your lives and party and make the wrong decisions as if she never existed?? Do any of you understand how disrespectful you've been to Taylor's memory?? Do you not realize that when my family reads about this stuff we're forced to relive those days out there looking for her and the heartbreak of finding her!! Do you even care?? Do you think you wearing your pink bracelets and showing the occasional tears makes it better?? You want to show support?? STOP MAKING STUPID DECISIONS!! Do you want your parents to go through what Kathi and Cliff have had to go through? Do you want your family and friends to have to come visit your GRAVE and talk to you in the sky?? 

We can't get Taylor back. We can't change whats happened. But we can prevent it. START trying to prevent it!

 To quote Kathi, so you can all see it again because you obviously didn't hear it or read it:

"We all make mistakes through our lives. Taylor’s and her friends that night was life changing. It was life changing for Taylor…but it will also be life changing in a POSITIVE note for years to come – because her passing is going to help everyone in the future make better decisions. I am going to personally see to it that Taylor’s message is heard – everywhere – simply said - “Got Your Back. The Buddy System”. "

Please make better decisions... Your lives depend on it!

Together / Stephanie   Read >>
Together / Stephanie
“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together.. there is something you must always remember. you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. but the most important thing is, even if we're apart.. i'll always be with you.” Winnie the Pooh Close
If Tears Could...  / Kelli Fredette (family friend )  Read >>
If Tears Could...  / Kelli Fredette (family friend )

                                If Tears Could...

                        If tears could build a stairway
                          And memories were a lane,
                        I would walk right up to heaven 
                          To bring you home again. 
                        No farewell words were spoken.
                          No time to say good-bye.
                       You were gone before we knew it,
                          And only God knows why.
                        My heart still aches in sadness
                          And secret tears still flow. 
                         What it meant to lose you,
                            No one will ever know. 

         ~author unknown

<3 / Nicole Mairle (friend)  Read >>
<3 / Nicole Mairle (friend)

when i am gone release me.
let me go, i have so many things to see and do
you mustn' tie yourself to me with tears
be happy that we had so many beautiful years
i gave you my love
you can only guess how much you gave me in happiness
i thanky ou for the love you each have shown
but now its time i travel alone
so grieve for me, if grieve you must.
then let you grief be comforted by my trust
its only for a while that we must part
so bless the memories within your heart
i wont be far away. for life goes on
so if you need me,call and i will come
though you cant see or tough me, ill be near
and if you listen with your heart you'll hear
and then when you must come this way alone
i'll greet you with a smile and say
"welcome home"

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