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We miss you  / Tom
Taylor I have missed you everyday since I heard of what happened. I was away at school at the time and had to call absolutely everyone in order to find out what happened. I sat on the phone with one person who knew and I have never cried so hard in my life. I miss your smile you always could brighten up someones day. I always know your with me and everyone else because of the pink skies I always see. I miss you and know that everyone else does too. We will see you soon
Because it is today  / Debbie Grant-Guy (Auntie)  Read >>
Because it is today  / Debbie Grant-Guy (Auntie)
TayTay, I don't need a date to remember you on. I love you every day. Not a single one has passed since you did my love that I have not felt you, thought of you or missed you. I love you little Tink every day. Close
Thank you for changing my life  / Anonymous (None)  Read >>
Thank you for changing my life  / Anonymous (None)
Someone in my family has alcoholism and scince I had heard you mom speak not too long ago month or two I guess they have learned that with there problem if that have a frien they can get through it and with Chris speaking going to they the chip great accomplishment Close
2015 / Anon   Read >>
2015 / Anon
Can't believe how time has flown. I was a sophomore at King Philip when everything changed. I can't say I knew you in life--strangely enough I met you for the first time the day you passed. My brother knew you, and I can't explain how much your death has affected me. May you rest in the sweetest peace. Close
Happy Birthday Sunshine..  / Mom Meyer (Mom)  Read >>
Happy Birthday Sunshine..  / Mom Meyer (Mom)
23.....unbelievable..... how could you be celebrating you 23rd birthday already? I miss your face daily...I want you to surprise me and come to me in my dreams tonight.....please??? I love you Tay....enjoy your day and all the love that people will be sending to you today....xoxoxo Love Mom xoxoxo Close
The more time passes...it doesn't feel any better.  / Tracy Shand   Read >>
The more time passes...it doesn't feel any better.  / Tracy Shand
Taylor, Met your beautiful Mom today for the first time. She can't speak about you with tears. She is wishing you were here.  I wish I could meet you. Sadly, it will have to wait until the Paradise. Take good care of each other, Tracy Close
May peace be with you, Taylor  / Anonymous   Read >>
May peace be with you, Taylor  / Anonymous
I am a high school student from Natick, MA and our current unit in health class is Alcohol and Substance Abuse. My teacher was telling us a few stories of local high school students who have died because of alcohol. She told us Taylor's story, and everything she told us about Taylor was very poignant to me. I rushed home today to find a story about her, and express my love and support for everyone who was affected by Taylor's death. Our community just recently lost a student, and I am beginning to understand how such tragedies like these so deeply affect every single person involved. May you rest in peace and never be forgotten, but as your mother has so dutifully tried to do, may your story help us learn. Peace be with you. Close
Rip Taylor  / Valerie Remy (None)  Read >>
Rip Taylor  / Valerie Remy (None)
Rip Taylor ! I dont or did know you personally but i did remember hearing about you on the news when i was in 7th grade when you passed. Im a Freshmen in high school now and your amazing mother came to our school to talk about your story. Your story was a wake up call to everyone about making right decisions and a wake up call to the reality and consequences of mistakes/bad decisions.I keep your Eulogy with so everytime i have to make a tough decision i think back to your story. Your mom took tremendous steps to talk about this and i command her so much. At my school we had an incident earlier in the year regarding alcohol at our night game and some of those kids had to face the consequence but thank god they are all here today. Your mom saved many lives today everyone had been hit hard with your story it had been the talk in our school today. Im so happy we got to here it and Thank you Kathi for coming to speak to us! Hope everything it well with the Meyer Family<3 Thank You Again RIP TAYLOR. Never forgotten.<3 Close
2 years  / Anonymous   Read >>
2 years  / Anonymous
hey taylor it's been about two years and i came across a picture of you on facebook coincidence? you were two years older and i remember looking up to you thinking you were the most confident girl i had ever met. thinking about you <3 Close
praying / Friend (friend)  Read >>
praying / Friend (friend)
hey tay as you know jeff just passed. you were both victims of tragedy you were both drinking underage and noone really seems to know what exactly happened to either of you. and the people who do know are too scared for their own selfish reasons to tell your parents what happened to their children in September and Oktober 2008. i know this year you met him at the gates you welcomed him to his new life as a warrior because thats what our warriors do. i pray for you both together now even though i wasnt particularly close with either of you. you both bring me to tears regularly i think of you tay and then i think of jeff i think of jeff and i think of you. and man do i miss your smiles. you and jeff were completely different people in life yet the same in the way that you could both make me/anyone else smile. i hope you see the similarities between you and jeffs misfortune and i hope you got a great friend out of it. give strength to your families loveyou Close
Missed but always Remembered  / Amanada LeBlanc (Didn't know her )  Read >>
Missed but always Remembered  / Amanada LeBlanc (Didn't know her )
In 2007 I lost somone very close to me. I still miss him to this day. Tayolr's story will always stay with me and will with many. I'm deeply sorry for your loss. Her story will save many and if not then it will help many. She was such a beautiful girl it's so sad that she died before she could live out the rest of her life. I'll always prey for you. Close
A hole in the world...  / Deri   Read >>
A hole in the world...  / Deri

I'm listening all the time...listening for your laughter. Listening for the sound of the screen door slamming and the fridge opening. Listening for my phone to ring. Listening for your voice raised in excitement while telling me one of your stories. Listening for your voice so quiet while telling me how mean and unfair I can be when you were in trouble.

I'm watching all the time...watching my children grow everyday and remembering you at each of their ages. Watching their faces when they think of you. Watching our family move through each day...just trying to get through the best they can. Watching the world go by for people who can continue as though the very air isn't too thin to breathe without you here.

I'm waiting all the time...waiting for this to be easier. Waiting for the missing you to stop hurting quite so much. Waiting for the anger to ease enough for me to breathe. Waiting to see you walk into the fire light sit down next to me and lean on my shoulder again.

"Where you used to be there is a hole in the world which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime and falling in at night. I miss you like hell." ~ Edna St Vincent Millay

Not a day goes by...  / Sarah (cousin)  Read >>
Not a day goes by...  / Sarah (cousin)
Every second of every minute of every hour of every day... I miss you more and more. LYL Close
taylors story changed my life !  / Darkia Anderson   Read >>
taylors story changed my life !  / Darkia Anderson
thank you kathi for coming to my school today. i feel terrible for what happened to your daughter and i pray for your family! i know that your one wish would be to have her back but your teaching many teens a good lesson. it so sad to see she was so young and that she made a wrong choice. but the next time im faced with a choice like the one she was in i was think twice because of the story i heard today. im a junior and it touched me so much ( i even teared up). i have many friends i care about and even though times can be hard with friends and family i know they love me. and they would hate to see me dead because of something like drinking ..which can be prevented. i wish you all the best you are very nice and caring. and im just sorry this had to happen to you! god bless you always =] Close
Taylor Meyer "The Angel"  / Michelle Soto   Read >>
Taylor Meyer "The Angel"  / Michelle Soto

Thank you Kathi for coming into my school today and sharing your heart felt story. i couldnt imagine the pain you and your family are going threw but i can say that your story has touch me in a very positive way. Taylor was sent here for a purpose and that was to save many other young teenagers life. Her story will forever stay with me in my heart. Im sooo very sorry for your lose and may God bless you nd your family.


Love Michelle: From Norwood High School

Thank you  / Patti Beane (i only know your message )  Read >>
Thank you  / Patti Beane (i only know your message )
Thank you for your Mom and her message. I can't even read what I'm writing because of the tears and I may even ruin my keyboard. Thank you for sharing for being so very strong... I'm so sorry. I'll be a better parent because of you. Love Patti Close
i never met you taylor  / Jodie (none)  Read >>
i never met you taylor  / Jodie (none)
I never personally met you Taylor... in fact ive never heard about you or your story until this afternoon. Your mom came in and spoke to my school about you and what happened. You are a veryy pretty girl! and it really opened my eyes about life and the decisions we should all make i really hope kids everywhere take the lesson and use it wisely! you sound like an amazing person!! my heart goes out to your family and friends and you! you have a smile that is simiply radiant never let it dim!! Close
:( / Catharine   Read >>
:( / Catharine
im soo sorry :( Close
im soo soo sorry  / Andrew Mercauto (none)  Read >>
im soo soo sorry  / Andrew Mercauto (none)
im so sorry it is a tragedy to lose someone you love i know how it feels to lose some one you love dearly i jus lost my aunt in november of last 09 im so so so so so so sorry Close
Sorry about your loss  / Alex (None)  Read >>
Sorry about your loss  / Alex (None)

Dear Friends and Family of Taylor Meyer

Recently I was at an assembly about this at my school. It touched my heart to think that this could happen to such a wonderful person. My heart goes out to Taylor.

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